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Menu & Sell Sheet Design

Your restaurant should stand out!


A properly designed menu can direct the attention of the diner to specific items and increase the likelihood that those items will be ordered.


These items should be the ones with the highest gross profit and lowest food costs that help achieve the average check needed to return the desired sales.

Please check out some of my examples 

Newsletter Development

Why would you possibly need an email newsletter if you already have a website and/or a blog?

An email newsletter will help you keep in touch with your customers and clients. The newsletter has the ability to direct people to your website and has the potential to concert non-customers into customers. A newsletter can be time consuming. It needs to be simple, user friendly, as well as engaging.

My goal is to walk you through the process of setting up a newsletter, help with securing an email database, as well as assist in providing original and interesting content. 

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