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14th Avenue Pub

I recently did some research in to the pro’s of pub life and what I found was that going to your local neighbourhood pub is actually good for you… according to some studies.

  1. Pubs offer a social environment to enjoy a drink in a responsible, supervised community setting.

  2. Regularly going to your local pub makes you happier, healthier and more sociable. Pubs provide a strong social network that can work to improve your happiness and overall health.

  3. Socializing in small pubs is found to be better for maintaining close friends. The beneficial role pubs play in developing friendship is unmeasurable.

  4. After a long day at work, visiting your local pub is among the top places to unwind. Gathering with friends over a few pints helps to make the work week bearable and often gives people something to look forward to.

  5. Pubs bring out the best in people and give them them the satisfying taste of good food and drink in a happy atmosphere.

Taking in to consideration, this indisputable logic… paying a visit to the 14th Avenue Pub seems almost obligatory.

And rightly so… as this particular neighbourhood pub has been around for a long time.

Forty three years, to be exact.

The Tudor style pub that we have come to know and adore opened its doors in 1977, and has since survived three different owners and three different names.

In the very beginning, it was ‘The Ascot.’

This name confused me, and I felt compelled to research the meaning behind the name.

All I could come up with was;

“An ascot tie is a neckband with wide pointed wings, traditionally made of pale grey patterned silk.”

Seems an odd name for a pub.

The second name was The Jolly Woodsman.

The Jolly Woodsman became a staple in the community and to this day, people still mourn the name, often recollecting on the ‘good ole days’ affiliated with it. Since transforming in to the current 14th Avenue Pub, our quaint neighbourhood local has seen an abundance of change in regards to decor, food, renovations, regulars and beer taps!

The days of cheap, mass-produced draught and frozen buck burgers have been replaced with renowned, tasty pub grub, along with an impression variety of 17 Pacific Northwest craft beers on tap.

Promoting an exciting and welcoming atmosphere, Attila, the pub manager, has been at the helm of many of the recent changes since he began in 2015. Attila has been instrumental in introducing the craft beer world to the pub, along with a whole new line of taps meant to accommodate the endless possibilities associated with the trendy craft beer vision.

The 14th Avenue pub has always placed their priorities on their customers first and foremost. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy the big screens, live bands are brought in for special occasions, and Karaoke is featured every Friday night for the community to sing their hearts out.

In addition to this, they feature Burger & Brews, designed to help fundraise for sports teams, charitable foundations and more.

Daily specials have been put in place in order to not only delight & gratify the regulars, but to also attract new customers. One of the particularly successful specials is Thursday Wings.

“None of the staff even refer to Thursday as Thursday anymore,” Attila tells us. “It’s Wingsday.”

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Wingsday. Friday. Saturday. Sunday.

Wingsday has become extraordinarily successful and rightfully so. Wings sell for 30 cents each and you can also purchase a beer for the low price of $4.20.

“Offering wings and a beer for under $8 is reason to celebrate. There aren’t a lot of places in town that can beat that,” Attila tells us, taking much deserved delight in the now reputable and popular offer. “We often go through 6000+ wings in a 24 hour period.”

Their lunch specials draw the customers in day after day with their delicious beef dip, flavourful homemade soup & sandwich, hand-crafted burgers, home-cut fries and more.

It’s been difficult closing the pub doors to the patrons and Attila especially feels his heart ache for the staff; the staff he has come to consider family.

“I do miss the regulars and the social interaction with all of them, but I know that they’re ok at home enjoying a beer. It’s the staff I worry about,” Attila admits. “No one has any idea what is happening and I can’t reassure anyone right now.”

Customers have been overwhelming Attila with messages of both concern and encouragement.

“They are all checking in to make sure we’re ok and assuring us that they will be back as strong as ever when the pub reopens.”

Moving forward in as many positive ways as possible right now, Attila looks forward to a time in the near future when things will hopefully get back to normal. After two weeks of complete pub shut down, the 14th Avenue has decided to reopen their kitchen for curb side pick up and Skip the Dishes delivery.

“We have taken all necessary precautions.” Attila explains. “We are determined not to contribute to the spreading of this disease, so we have completely cleaned and disinfected the entire pub and kitchen.”

If anyone has had the pleasure of dining in at this local neighbourhood pub, we can only hope that the take out will be equally as enjoyable. We are positive that it will, because they have never disappointed us before.

Let’s follow their lead on moving forward in a positive manner, knowing that we can all get through this together.

... I know that I'll be up for the nachos...

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