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Celebrating Women in Business

Most people, when asked about their job, are quick to comment on whether or not they enjoy it. It is rare to meet someone who not only loves their job, but is given an opportunity, every single day, to make a difference.

Meet Gwen Schmidt, Executive Director of Community Futures North Fraser.

With extensive experience in retail sales, and a promising career in financials and marketing coordination, this ambitious young woman had her heart set on finding a position that connected with her own values. Gwen’s eyes had been opened to the struggles faced by entrepreneurs and she was witness to the insurmountable gap in the startup process.

When a position with Community Futures became available, Gwen jumped at an opportunity to be an integral part of guiding people on their journey. She knew she would thrive in a position based on partnership, rather than one primarily based on sales. Her years here have proven productive. Gwen’s consultation has been instrumental in the success of numerous businesses.

This community endeavour is not only tremendously rewarding, but an essential contribution to both economic and employment growth. Surrounded by many influential women, Gwen has defined herself as an outstanding leader, dedicated to helping others achieve their ambitions.

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