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Donna King - Better Balanced Books

Saying goodbye to the comforts of a regular job and a reliable pay cheque can be daunting, but when the world is suddenly faced with a global pandemic, it seems like more community members are forging their own path to employment.

Self-employment does have its challenges, but I decided to do a little exploration in to a few of the benefits that come along with being entrepreneurial.

  • You control your life.

  • You get to choose your hours.

  • You get to work with people you like.

  • You can follow your passion.

  • You create.

  • You can make a stand.

  • You are rewarded with self-fulfillment.

Meet Donna King, a 4th generation entrepreneur.

“It’s in my blood,” Donna explains. “I have always fully supported the self-employed mindset.”

Donna came to Canada 12 years ago, with a background in bookkeeping. She began her career here working for a public practice accounting company, though after her second child, Donna realized that it was time to set up her own company(s).

It was here that Beyond Balanced Books began and through this, Donna helps new business owners manage their finances effectively through work shops, strategy sessions and consulting.

If this wasn’t impressive enough, Donna is also the CFO of Connect Now Business Network Ltd., a membership style company with networking and educational opportunities throughout the Lower Mainland. In addition to the regular practical business needs such as marketing, sales and finance, their primary focus is on the person behind the business. Much of their work has a focus on keeping business owners emotionally and physically healthy, as well as in a good financial condition.

Donna has always appreciated Mission, as it represents a certain feeling of home to her and her family.

“Mission is a lovely blend of big enough without being a village and small enough that emphasis is put on the community.”

Being a town of familiarity, Donna appreciates that we are all still neighbours and know each others names as we pass in the streets, the parks and the aisles of the stores.

Donna reiterates the importance of exploring self employment during this difficult time, as our friends and family try to navigate their way through changing routines and insecure futures.

“There is so much emphasis on big businesses that come in to towns and employee all the people.” Donna tells us. “You look at the history of mills that employee 80% of a small community and then suddenly shut down. It’s devastating for the community and usually results in its fizzling away.”

Small businesses hold much weight in the community. Donna accentuates the fact that a strong and healthy economy is a strong and healthy community.

“I love wandering downtown and seeing an abundance of little, independently owned businesses.”

When asked if Donna has any advice to give to our community during these challenging times, she points out that everyone needs to be gentle on themselves.

“This must be a priority,” she asserts. “We talk about being kind to others, but sometimes we don’t give ourselves the same respect.”

It’s true.

With laundry piling up, the house needing to be cleaned, the garden needing tending to, children needing schooling and our own work on deadline, it can be hard to find the time to set aside a moment for ourselves.

Everything is a challenge right now, but we need to eliminate the illusion that we need to be perfect.

Be kind, Mission.

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