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Ember's BBQ House

For as far back as he can remember, Paul has always had a love of cooking.

Perhaps it began in the Mission high school cafeteria, or it could have been during his employment in a variety of restaurants as he endeavoured to make his way through university.

“It’s always been a hobby of mine,” Paul says, as he attempts to articulate his lifelong joy for experimenting with different types of food and passion for playing with new and intriguing recipes that he has encountered along the way.

“When my friends would gather for sports events, I had more interest cooking for everyone than watching the game on TV.”

This undeniable talent eventually led Paul to Embers, one of Mission’s most beloved restaurants. Embers has been a staple in our community since 2003, and Paul took over the business in 2012.

During difficult times, Paul is blessed to be open and is continuing to do take out orders. At the backbone of all of this are the Embers staff, and Paul feels that none of this would be possible without their dedication and hard work.

Paul’s parents immigrated to Canada from India before he was born and his respect for them has always been strong. Knowing that they had the capability to relocate, find new jobs, raise a family and learn a second language has many times, given Paul the strength to better navigate challenging times.

Losing his father a couple years ago, Paul reflects on all that he learned from this incredible role model in his life. “He instilled integrity in me and taught me the business skills that I utilize each and every day.” In addition to this, Paul’s father also taught him the importance of working hard, treating staff with respect, as well as the principle of appreciating your community.

Not only has the community of Mission supported Paul and his staff through tough times, but Embers always aspires to give back where they can. Since Paul has taken over the business, they have been an enormous advocate for local charities and fundraisers.

“I love being from Mission,” Paul admits.

Priding themselves on serving spectacular authentic BBQ, the big question on everyone’s mind is ‘What is Mission’s favourite meal?’

“Definitely the slow roasted pulled pork,” Paul tells us. “Mission loves the pulled pork.”

And you can’t stop at the pulled pork. Loyal Mission residents flock to Embers for their slow roasted pork ribs, their sweet, sticky wings, their fire-grilled marinated chicken and their famous cooked-to-perfection burgers.

The key to the deliciousness of these in-house favourites lies in the love of crafting the cuisine to excellence. Everything in this cozy little restaurant is homemade, from their signature sauces to the fresh baked bread.

In the morning, the irresistible aroma of bread coming out of the oven might lure you in to believing that you would be stepping in to a bakery. Later on, as the restaurant opens for lunch, the succulent smells of sizzling bbq curling up from the grill can make people practically tipsy.

Another standard of Embers has always been the portions.

“People leave Embers full. And if they aren’t full, we haven’t done our job.”

Although watching people enjoy his cooking can be considering thanks enough, Paul is eternally grateful for the gratitude and feedback he receives on a regular basis.

Embers welcomes and embraces their regulars and loyal customers reaching all over the Fraser Valley, even as far away as Washington.

With plans to expand soon, Paul is adamant about keeping their atmosphere unique and their little restaurant fully family orientated.

He would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their hard work, their dedication to our community and their loyalty to small businesses. Embers is open to take out at the moment with hopes of opening soon, adhering to all Fraser Health regulations.

Come on down and get some pulled pork.

I know what I’ll be having for lunch today.

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