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Manny Knows Mission

Meet Manny, a lifetime Mission resident, who loves his community. Manny is quick to recognize and showcase how caring and welcoming our community really is.

That is exactly how his slogan came to be... 'Manny knows Mission'.

Mission has the capability to draw in people and entice them to move to our small community,” Manny explains, with much pride and admiration in his voice. “It makes it easy and fun to be a real estate agent here.”

Mission is surrounded by awe-inspiring beauty. A multitude of freshwater lakes, breathtaking vistas, cascading waterfalls and majestic mountains embellish our backyard. Manny took us on a tour of his beloved little town, to show us what he knows and loves about Mission.

Each of Mission's public parks offers something unique to our community, but according to Manny, there is one slice of nature that stands out above the rest. Fraser River Heritage Park. This park offers breathtaking views of the valley. Numerous walks through fields, forest and gardens makes it ideal for the perfect afternoon stroll.

Next we visited Cascade Falls, a journey that took us through the backroads of Mission. This route revealed the undiscovered, yet picturesque beauty of the countryside. Winding roads, forest groves and rolling farmlands presenedt an idyllic, postcard-like scene at each turn. Cascade Falls was nothing short of grandiose and this natural wonder stood stupendous in stature. A short incline trail led us up to a viewing platform and a suspension bridge, which scanned the canyon.

From there, we made our way into Historical Downtown Mission. This unique downtown core represents everything that is hip and modern, while still maintaining the nostalgia of days gone by.

Manny was quick to point out his office . “There is no place in Mission I would rather be,” he admits. “Downtown Mission is the heart and soul of the community.”

Feeling more adventurous and ready to experience the thunder, we continued on to the Mission Raceway. This spectator indulgence is not to be missed! A staple in the community, this facility features a drag strip, a 9-turn road course and a motocross track. It’s exhilarating & certainly sets hearts racing.

The afternoon concluded with a meander through the Silverdale Creek Wetlands. This peaceful

landscape offers a quaint boardwalk trail through the estuary and is very popular with bird watchers and nature lovers.

“I bring my family here a lot ,” he says, smiling. “It’s our happy place.”

A day full of Mission gems and there were more Manny wanted to show us. BUT... he had to run. Manny had a date at his very favourite Mission location. His best friend’s gym… the Fitness Lab.

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