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Mission Short Film Festival

Satti Grewal wears many hats in our community.

He has built a career as an optician and he’s the co-owner of Swing Optical. He has also been actively involved with Community Futures, the Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Association.

But… did you also know Satti is the co-founder of the Mission Short Film Festival? This cultural and charitable endeavour is currently celebrating their fourth year, yet due to complications with COVID-19, they were unable to go forward with a live audience presentation in 2020.

When asked how Satti became interested in something so internationally prestigious and artistic, he was quick to admit he has always had a love of theatre and the independent short film community.

“I enjoy helping small businesses, as well as appreciating local talent. People struggle at this level and we want to applaud and award them, regardless of their budget.”

Currently there are approximately 3000 film festivals around the world, and prior to 2017, one would have had to venture into Vancouver in order to enjoy one of these creative masterpieces.

Abbotsford was a contender for a Fraser Valley location, but Satti knew Mission would be ideal for championing the elevation of short film.

“We could really put Mission on the map and bring its artistic recognition to a higher level.”

Admission to the Mission Short Film Festival is free of charge, with all donations going to the Mission Memorial Hospital. Due to COVID restrictions, everyone must advance register at Eventbrite. Between 6-7 short films will be shown on Friday, September 25th, between 5-9pm, at the Clarke Theatre.

Anyone interested in contributing to the Film Festival is always encouraged to send in their work. Features and documentaries must have subtitles and be no longer than thirty minutes.

“We are always on the lookout for local talent!”

The committee offers a $500 reward to the audience-appointed winner, which seems incentive enough for all of us to seek out our own potential storytelling and cinematic brilliance!

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