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Perfect Piece Optical

I read somewhere, “suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and you have to trust the magic of beginnings.”

Nothing could have been more true for Peggy.

Meet Peggy, the owner of Perfect Piece Optical on Main Street.

Surprisingly enough, Peggy began her career in the optical business when she was about 11 or 12 years old. Looking at our careers that we have chosen throughout our lives, not many of us could raise our hand to claim anything similar.

When Peggy was in grade 7, she used to frequent her friend’s family contact lens laboratory after school. True Flex was a small, family run business and they used to allow Peggy to laze-cut plastic buttons.

“I was so young, and this company was just starting out,” Peggy tells us. “But it definitely peaked my interest in optical.”

Five years later, when high school finished, True Flex hired Peggy on a full time basis and she remained in their employment for approximately five years after.

“I started off making Toric contacts, a special kind of lens for astigmatism,” she explains. “From there I moved in to making hard contact lenses and for a while was even in charge of tinting.”

As the company grew and True Flex began shipping all over the world, it didn’t take them long to realize that this vivacious young lady could be valuable in the customer service department. Peggy was then relocated to the front line; taking orders and shipping contact lenses worldwide.

The optical world soon began to take notice of her spirit and liveliness and Peggy soon moved on to work as the head receptionist at Optical Superstore. At a time when licensing was not yet a requirement, Peggy found herself leaving the comforts of the front desk and applying her talents in the sales department.

“I did $60,000 worth of sales on my own in the first month,” she says, remembering her beginnings with a sense of pride.

With the necessary optical experience and knowledge, combined with her bubbly, sales driven personality, Peggy knew that she had what it took to start her own business.

When her application for the business name came back ‘approved,’ Peggy took it as a sign that it was meant to be.

At the age of 28, she took a chance, developed her own business plan and managed to secure a first-time approved bank loan.

Shortly after, Specsappeal Optical officially opened for business. Peggy’s instinct was right and within her first year, she managed to exceed her own expectations of $300,000.


Unfortunately things didn’t remain so positive. Although the entire business was in Peggy’s name, she had partnered up with an Optometrist. Succumbing to the suggestion of opening up a second location, they decided to split partnership moving forward. The new location did not do as well as the original and her partner ended up locking the doors one day and walking away from the business, never to be seen again.

This resulted in devastation for Specsappeal, and although Peggy desperately tried to keep both businesses afloat, she lost everything.

“I had to let it go,” Peggy remembers. “I had to believe that when one door closes, another one opens.”

Within a year, without any financial support, Peggy managed to open a new location, Urban Eyewear.

“I didn’t even have a computer,” she admits. “I took another chance based on only my experience and personality.”

Over the next 15 years, Urban Eye Wear grew and Peggy nurtured this in to exactly what she wanted.

Devastation hit again in 2015, but this time it came in the form of a failed relationship. Peggy knew it was time for a fresh start. Mission represented a new life, but at the time, Peggy had no idea that she would be met with such incredible community support. With the attitude of ‘no room for failure,’ Peggy found herself at the doorstep of Mission’s much loved and retired Optometrist, Dr. Bowden’s old shop on Main Street. The location was ideal. Met with open arms, she suddenly knew that everything was going to work out. Peggy tries to hold back the tears as she remembers the warmth and encouragement she received from Dr. Bowden.

“I just remember him telling me not to worry. I was going to make it.”

Peggy has always found her niche market in the optical world and opening up Perfect Piece Optical in Mission was no exception. Priding herself on not always going with the flow of what everyone else has, Mission has come to know Peggy as having more of a selection of unique brands and extraordinary eyewear.

Opening day was MissionFest, August 8th, 2016.

“So many people wandered in the door that day to see what this cute little new place was.”

Perfect Piece Optical has been growing steadily ever since. It is no wonder, with its comforting atmosphere, welcoming you in for a coffee and a chat.

In addition to her successes and failures, Peggy has always been a giver, She started the Gift of Sight charity, which provides free eye surgery, glass and medical eye care to those who otherwise would live in a world of darkness.

She is both an advocate and frequent contributor of Twecs - The Third World Eye Care Society. Their goal is to collect old unused eyeglasses and distribute these in conjunction with eye exams given by properly trained individuals. The distribution is done in developing countries where, because of poverty or lack of availability of eye care services, individuals are unable to obtain eyeglasses and primary eye care.

It was through her benefit campaigns that Peggy found herself becoming concerned about the vision of some of the people in our own community.

“I received about 50 messages, all stories that brought me to tears.” Peggy says. “I decided right there and then that I would help someone once a month.”

Once a month quickly turned to once a week and helping people became one of Peggy’s passions. The joy she receives by placing glasses on small children and seeing their faces light up as they see clearly for the first time in more than reward.

Her mission is to redefine the way you look when you see.

“It’s not a job, it’s more like an intuitive gift,” she explains. “I know what is going to look good on people and I love seeing their confidence soar.”

Peggy’s advice to the community right now is to listen to your own consciousness. She encourages everyone to stay safe and to always to be positive.

… but most of all, believe in the community.

“Mission is an amazing community. They are going to embrace you.”

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