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Shangrila Farms

*Photo Credit to Ellen Nguyen

A new addition to our community is Shangrila Farms. Set in the outskirts of Mission, up the end of Sylvester Road, you will encounter this enchanting little utopia.

Much to Mission’s surprise and delight, they decided to open up their beloved 10 acre garden property to the public this year. From August 15th until September 30th, they are proud to present the first annual Dahlia and Grape Festival.

Their website boasts a natural paradise garden where one can experience a deep connection to the energy of nature.

First hearing of this location, and having only seen a handful of promotional photos, we were intrigued, yet quite unsure as to what to expect. We arrived with hardly any preconceived notion of what our early morning staycation would entail.

Implying that it is a festival doesn’t really do it justice. I would consider it an expression of genius, a celebration of colour and a compilation of unparalleled creativity & imagination.

Description debate aside, this little oasis has all the fixings to be the start of something quite exciting.

Upon arrival, we strolled though row upon row of vibrant flowers. The path is well marked and we happened upon painted gnomes, timber bird houses and moon gates erected of climbing vines. We encountered unique sculptures of dragons and roosters, made up of clusters of flowers, foliage and twigs. There was also the occasional hay-stuffed scarecrow and toy-soldier characters protecting the garden paradise.

It was a peaceful, almost harmonious setting.

Shangrila Farms is a true photographer’s dream… especially early in the day, with the morning dew still resting on the pedals.

Photo Credit - Ellen NguyenOur journey lead us through archways of grape vines and over bridges of lily pad ponds, very similar to that of a Monet painting.

Despite the overwhelming beauty and allure… it definitely had its moments of odd.



Leaving the Dalia fields, we entered in to the wooded area filled designed to embrace an enchanted forest.

This is where we staggered upon a multitude of hand-crafted twig formations. Many of them were wicker balls, but there was also the occasional monkey cage and variety of step-back-in-time pioneer depictions.

Further in to the woods were enormous, plush teddy bears tied to trees, old tires, discarded bikes, a decrepit dentist chair, as well as three inflatable neon aliens peering out from behind the bushes.

Shangrila Farms is a mix of the Butchart Gardens, Storyland Trails (for anyone in Mission lucky enough to remember that gem) and a number of spectacular Monet paintings.

Now take this primary combination and blend it with a little bit of The Blair Witch Project and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Perhaps this concoction is to be expected from the creative? This family has put a lot of work in to their property and it is unquestionably obvious that it has been a labour of love. The bizarre only adds to its authenticity and it’s well worth the $12 entrance fee. $10 if you’re an early bird. Take advantage of this garden gem, Mission. Not to be missed.

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