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Silk Degrees

It’s an achievement to be asked to participate in the Street of Dreams. It’s phenomenal to win the Best Interior Decorator award.

This is the story of Gail Harrington.

Eagle Mountain is a master-planned residential development with stunning views. It was home to the popular Street of Dreams in 2002. Five homes were built and the public went through them for a month and voted on different categories, such as decoration, structure and landscaping.

The home that Gail was hired to design had a comfortable, homey feeling.

It was that incredible win that inspired Gail to open up her own shop in Mission. Now, 18 years later, she is still in the same location.

Why Silk Degrees?

“I started off designing silk flowers,” Gail explains. “But suddenly I found that I had a hand in a lot of different things; different degrees of business.”

Silk Degrees offers an eclectic mix of home decor.

‘We see ourselves as a one stop shop,” Gail says. “You can come in and purchase something decorative for your home, a beautiful item of clothing and perhaps a lovely piece of jewellery all at the same time.”

Treating customers like royalty is of upmost importance and the staff of Silk Degrees go out of their way to ensure that each purchase is gift wrapped to perfection. A particular ‘feel special’ focus is put on each individual experience, from the moment they walk through the front doors to when they leave.

“Everyone that walks through the front door is important. They may not always purchase something that day, but they will definitely always come back.”

For the past 18 years, the community has considered Silk Degrees as a feel good store. Their welcoming and comforting presence seems to put customers at peace. There is an element of trust affiliated with the little shop and many relationships have developed over the years.

Over the years, Gail has embraced the community as much as we have embraced her and Silk Degrees.

She has overcome challenges and difficult times because of the support of her amazing staff and loyal, amazing customers. Gail still does work in interior design and on new builds outside of Silk Degrees.

To Gail, community means togetherness and support- and that is what Mission has shown through all of this.

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