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Simone Redburn - Community Member

When you move back to your hometown, it’s often easy to fall back into old routines with the same old people. I recently read some advice stating that in order to avoid this, you must do all that you can to involved in your community.

Dive right in.

This particular author suggested that joining local clubs and social groups provides the opportunity to meet new people, cultivate new interests and develop new hobbies.

One of our fabulous community members did just that when she moved back to our beautiful town.

Simone Redburn.

Simone was born and raised in Mission. Once she graduated, it wasn’t long before she got itchy feet and longed to explore more of what our province had to offer.

Simone relocated to downtown Vancouver, where she worked in adventure travel for 12 years.

“It was cultural travel,” she says. “Off the beaten track.”

It was the perfect fit for Simone and her adventurous soul.

After the birth of her first child, Simone and her husband Ross decided that it was time to make the move back to Mission.

“I wanted to raise my kids in a small town and I wanted them to be closer to family,” Simone admits. “Mission was calling me back.”

Most of the people that live in our community are familiar with Leslie, her mother, who has been a successful real estate agent in our community for years.

Simone liked the lifestyle that being a real estate agent represented and it wasn’t long before she decided to follow in her mother’s footprints and adopt the same profession. Redburn Lockhart Real Estate Group is a local, family run real estate business, owned and operated by not only Simone and her mother, but also by Simone’s husband, Ross.

As quick as Simone was to embrace Mission, our community was also there with open arms, ready to welcome this young family.

Simone joined the afternoon Rotary, the Mission Environmental Stewardship Society and donated much of her free evenings to helping in the kitchen at Hope Central.

In addition to being an active and enthusiastic participant with these organizations and raising three young children, Simone runs the annual Terry Fox Run, organizes the annual Festival of Lights and hosts the Hatzic community garage sale and pancake breakfast each year.

Her years of dedication to the community and her hours of community service have not gone unrecognized. This year, the District of Mission awarded Simone a Community Service award. Her reputation precedes her and everyone in town knows that if Simone is involved with an organization or an event, it is certain to be a success. Her energetic and positive disposition tends to be contagious.

Simone has the ability to combine her adoration of our small town, her love of local art and her passion of working with members of our community with her real estate business, Selling homes to potentially new Mission Residents is something that comes easily to her.

“This is my home and I’m so proud of where I live,” Simone gushes, an enormous grin across her face.

Mission makes Simone light up and, in turn, Simone makes Mission light up.

Our community is lucky to have her as an integral part of our team.

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