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Blog posts and articles have the ability to take your business to the next level.


They not only offer expertise in your field and establish credibility, but they interact with your audience and increase your brand's exposure. This is a great way to provide inspiration for current and prospective clients... but... research and writing takes time.  Time is valuable and a lot of busy people and business owners just don't have a lot of it.

That's where I come in. Let me do the research and create top-quality, tailor-made posts for you. I have the ability to cover a vast range of industries and topics, keeping up with latest trends, sparking new discussions and keeping your followers intrigued.

Please check out many examples of my writing. 

Writing Pricing
Writing Pricing

Website Blog - Professionally written & well researched content to attract the reader's interest.

Contract of 6 Website Blogs

Contract of 12 Website Blogs

Personal or Business Article - Professionally written and well researched content written to not only expresses your message concisely, but also attract the reader's interest.

Business Bio - Flawless bios; perfect for your professional portfolio and company websites.

Resume - I will create / re-create a professional, thoruogh and impressive resume for you. 1-3 pages.

Cover Letter A professional cover letter that ensures you receive an interview.

up to 200 words

up to 500 words

up to 1000 words

up to 1500 words

up to 2000 words
























Resume and Cover Letter Package 


  • Original content.

  • Professionally written.

  • Quick, on-time delivery.

  • Excellent grammar and punctuation.

  • Well-researched.

  • Open communication.

  • Revisions available.

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